You know who it is? How did it start off in the track Black?

One of the wonderful references of Brazilian black audio, we now have the singer, composer, audio producer, Eli Soares dos Reis, or better generally known as Eli Soares.

Eli Soares, a local of Belo Horizonte, excelled being a gospel singer with excellent accomplishment with the album that will take its title in 2010, “The House of God” launched in 2013. Know a little bit more how Eli Soares projected himself within the universe of gospel audio.

Even with his expertise being a black songs reference, Eli Soares can only launch his initial function soon after successful the Festsêmani award in 2009 and profitable a competition structured by Rede Super, exactly where his mastery of gospel tunes turned much more apparent.

Eli Soares, as well as almost all of the singers motivated by black audio, had his initial contact with this particular musical design within the church. From his childhood, raised in an evangelical loved ones, he learned to sing and engage in musical instruments this kind of as guitar and drums. church, which aided him to become the artist of these days.

Black music is actually a musical fashion that became nicely marked while in the previous century commencing while in the evangelical American churches launching wonderful artist inside the media in Brazil that craze also adopted the identical pattern. Like Eli Soares, all singers of black music and next in gospel audio, use vocal methods exactly where every harmony of audio is even more embellished with the artist.

Nowadays Eli Soares has a contract with Universal Audio as well as in 2017 laced his third album entitled “Memory” in addition a piece geared toward the evangelical community, proceeds his success due to his talent along with the affect of black audio. In Brazil black songs carries on with total drive together with the gospel movement and this business has moved millions of Reals every 12 months.

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